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PT-90 IPPBX Serial Equipment

  • PT-90 1004 IPPBX
  • PT-90 1004 IPPBX
PT-90 1004 IPPBXPT-90 1004 IPPBX

PT-90 1004 IPPBX


PT-90 1004 is one network communication device for small and medium enterprises, which can connect IP phones, video phones and computer software and telephone systems. It provides a cost-effective IP communication solution for enterprise users, such as IP audio and video communication, data communication and so on.

PT-90 1004 is composed of mother card and extension cards. One shelf provides 4 slots, and each slots can support IPS card, FXO/FXS card, E1 trunk card. SIP card provide one 10/100/1000M Ethernet port, can support up to 200 IP phone and 100 SIP trunk, convenient to users to extended the system. It can also be used to connect different IP network segments of IP voice traffic to achieve interoperability of different IP traffic.


Video call

Call transfer

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Outgoing call barring

Caller ID

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Morning call

Call Detail Record (CDR)


Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Direct Outgoing Dial (DOD)