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PT-90 IPPBX Serial Equipment

  • PT-90D Dispatching Station
PT-90D Dispatching Station

PT-90D Dispatching Station

Overview of dispatching station

    PT-90 DDT/T type dispatching station uses the latest touch-screen technology,beautiful appearance, superior performance.It is composed of a machine frame(including information processing host), capacitive touch screen display, dispatcher dedicated VOIP phone and PT-PBXNMS scheduling software system composition, and supplemented by the keyboard and mouse as a peripheral, simple operation, complete function.

    Scheduling PT-90 DDT/T station and PT-90 series IPPBX program-controlled switches, IAD, SIP Phone equipment with the use of the formation of Winterthur communication special dispatching exchange system, It can networking with plurality of upper and lower dispatching system, all telephone extension can be by PT-90 DDT/T unified scheduling.
    The series of products are widely used in government, public security, electricity,petroleum and other industry users.

    PT-PBXNMS scheduling software system is a powerful, flexible use, with PT-90 series IPPBX use the PC platform monitoring and management software (hereinafter referred to as PBXNMS). Through the PBXNMS can make management personnel to visually see the IP-PBX terminal operation, and can be used in the management function and the realization of the IP-PBX terminal monitoring and management.
    PBXNMS provides a wealth of monitoring and management functions. Managers can easily view detailed information of terminal online status and communication status details and the group, meeting rooms.