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PT-50 PCM Serial Equipment

  • PT-50T 1308 PCM
PT-50T 1308 PCM

PT-50T 1308 PCM

  • Product description: PT-50T 1308 versatile multiplexer equipment adopts 1U height standard 19 inch rack mountable case. In such small spacing, it provides 2 x uplink Ethernet interface , 4 x downlink electrical Ethern

Brief Introductio

PT-50T 1308 versatile multiplexer equipment adopts 1U height standard 19 inch rack mountable case. In such small spacing, it provides  2 x uplink Ethernet  interface , 4 x downlink electrical Ethernet interfaces,1 x E1 interfaces, as well as 32 data / voice channel service access interfaces. One dedicated ETH NMS interface and one alarm interface.

The PT-50T 1308 equipment supports very flexible configuration, according to the customer network requirement. It can realize point to point communications and point to multipoint communications application.


* 19″ rack mountable, 1U height compact size;

* Uplink interfaces include E1 or IP;

*  Support  2*100M/1000M Ethernet interface, user can use optical or electrical module according the real network;

* Additional uplink E1 supports 75Ω and 120Ω, user definable;

*Support point to point or point to multipoint network, the max can up to 32 directions when voice/data transfer over IP;

*Support 4*10/100/1000M Ethernet interface, it supports VLAN;

* Four expansion slots for data or voice modules;(it can put FXO/FXS/HOT/MAG/RS232/G.703/4WEM….)

* Support E1 package QoS assurance;

*Support echo canceling features;

*NMS ports is ETH or RS232, it supports WEB, SNMP, GUI NMS;

* The equipment can upgrade the firmware and software remotely;

* The power can be AC220V or DC-48V or AC220V + DC-48V.

Technical Specification

* E1 Interface
Bit rate: 2048Kbps ±50ppm
Code type: HDB3 code, G.703 standard
Input impedance: 75Ω or 120Ω (user definable)
Frame structure: G.704, G.706
Compression law: G.711
Level: ±2.37V ±10%

* Ethernet Uplink Optical Interface
Bit rate: 155M/1.25Gbps ±50ppm
Output optical power: ≥-15dBm
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-35dBm
Optical wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
Optical interface connecter: SFP/LC

* Ethernet Uplink Electrical Interface
Bit rate: 100M/1000Mbps, full duplex
Connector: SFP/GE-T (RJ45)

* ETH Interface (10/100BASE/TX)
Interface rate: 10/100Mbps, auto
Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
Connector: RJ45

* Mechanical Dimension
Dimension: 440mm (W) × 270mm (H) × 44mm (D)
Net weight: 4Kg

* Power Supply
Input voltage: -48Vdc and/or 220Vac
Voltage range: -36Vdc ∼ -72Vdc, 165Vac ∼ 265Vac
Power consumption: <10W

* Operation Environment
Working temperature: -10°C ∼ 50°C
Working humidity: ≤90% (non condensed)


1. point to point

2. point to multipoint: the max can be up to 32 directions.