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PT-10 TDM OVER IP Serial Equipment

  • PT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP Equipment
  • PT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP Equipment
PT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP EquipmentPT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP Equipment

PT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP Equipment

  • Product description: PT-10 1208 TDM OVER IP Equipment will transmit E1 signal through IP channel, the IP channel can be the existing wired Ethernet channel or wireless Ethernet bridge channel. IP encapsulation ado
Brief Introduction

PT-10 1208 works as PWE3 (Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge) device, to achieve the highest interoperability, it successfully implement most TDMoIP technologies, such as MEF and ITU-T standard. It adopts RFC5087 (TDMoIP), RFC5086 (CESoPSN), RFC4553 (SAToP), MEF-8 (PDHoME) for various types of traffic handling. The built-in extra large jitter buffer up to 8s and 4s PDV (Packet Delay Variation) compensation, guaranty the precision of TDM timing reconstruction; ensure the PT-10 1208 can work for most the time insensitive networks, such as wireless bridge network and IP network.
To enhance the flexibility, PT-10 1208 supports 13KB jumbo frame on the Ethernet port; 26K MAC address learning; 4096 VLAN; Q-in-Q as well as QoS; ToS and CoS. SFP designs for uplink Ethernet that can suit in optical (SFP/LC) or electrical (SFP/GE-T ) module. Two expansion slots on the rear panel can insert for various types of voice / data module or 4 E1 downlink module. Front panel provides additional uplink E1 supports cross connection and carry voice / data services to remote location. It can support point to point and point to multipoint application.
Optional redundancy power supply is available with any combination of AC and DC power. Such a function rich with redundancy uplink and redundancy power supply, just mounted on the 1U height, 19 inches width rack mountable casing. This design is highly compact, reliable and simple managed. Such powerful equipment can reduce our customer CAPEX and OPEX tremendously.


* 19″ rack mountable, 1U height compact size;

* Multi-services with voice / data, E1 and IP over IP link;

* Guaranty 100Mbps bandwidth for Ethernet transport over the 1.25G fiber optical Ethernet uplink;

* System provides 2 × 1.25Gbps optical Ethernet interface as 1+1 protection;

* Uplink Ethernet port with SFP/GE-T (RJ45) electrical module is available;

* Learning bridge and IEEE 802.1q port based VLAN supported on the Ethernet switching ports;

* Supports E1 package QoS assurance, framed and unframed;

* Additional uplink E1 supports 75Ω and 120Ω, user definable;

* Two expansion slots for E1 / data or voice modules;

* Adjustable transmission delay from 4ms to 4s;

* In-band management channel for remote control and system management;

* Complete local and remote loopback facility for system diagnostic;

* Audible and visible alarm indication for local or remote unit;

* Redundancy power supply supports with any combination of AC and DC power supply unit.

Technical Specification

* E1 Interface
Bit rate: 2048Kbps ±50ppm
Code type: HDB3 code, G.703 standard
Input impedance: 75Ω or 120Ω (user definable)
Frame structure: G.704, G.706
Compression law: G.711
Level: ±2.37V ±10%

* Ethernet Uplink Optical Interface
Bit rate: 1.25Gbps ±50ppm
Output optical power: ≥-15dBm
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-35dBm
Optical wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
Optical interface connecter: SFP/LC

* Ethernet Uplink Electrical Interface
Bit rate: 1000Mbps, full duplex
Connector: SFP/GE-T (RJ45)

* ETH Interface (10/100BASE/TX)
Interface rate: 10/100Mbps, auto
Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
Connector: RJ45

* Mechanical Dimension
Dimension: 440mm (W) × 270mm (H) × 44mm (D)
Net weight: 4Kg

* Power Supply
Input voltage: -48Vdc and/or 220Vac
Voltage range: -36Vdc ∼ -72Vdc, 165Vac ∼ 265Vac
Power consumption: <10W

* Operation Environment
Working temperature: -10°C ∼ 50°C
Working humidity: ≤90% (non condensed)


1. point to point

2. point to multipoint