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PT-80 PDH Serial Equipment

PT-80 Desktop PDH equipment

  • Product description: PT-80 Desktop PDH is point-to-point transmission equipment operating at 150Mb/s bit rate. It supports 4E1/8E1, 1* optical interface, 4*10/100M electrical interface,1*ETH NMS interface,1*RS232 data cha
Brief Introduction

    PT-80 Desktop PDH is point-to-point transmission equipment operating at150Mb/s bit rate. It supports 4E1/8E1, 1×optical interface, 4×10/100M electrical interface,1×ETH NMS interface,1×RS232 data channel interface,1×Alarm output interface, support AC or DC power supply. It supports WEB, SNMP, GUI NMS.
    It supports VLAN function ,it is featured by very compact, minimum cost and low power consumption. It is ideal for application areas such as remote transmission in point-to-point links with small capacity and LAN extension.


* NMS can provide alarm, performance monitoring, and local /remote equipment status, etc.;

* Optical interface: 150Mb/s Transmission distance is 20Km-120Km;

* Providing 4E1 or 8E1 interface, according ITU-T G.703, G.742,G.823 Jitter performance, Local/Remote loopback is supported;

* 4ETH interface, support VLAN, radio protection and enable or disable Ethernet interface;

* Providing 1 RS232 user interface;

* Supporting AC220V or DC-48V;

Technical Specification

* Optical interface
    Speed: 150Mb/s ±50ppm
    Output optical power: ≥-15dBm
    Receiving sensitivity: ≤-35dBm
    Optical wave length: 1310nm/1550nm
    Optical interface connector: SC

* 2M interface
    Bit rate:2048Kbps ±50ppm
    Code type: HDB3 code, conforming to G.703 standard
    Input impedance: 75Ω (unbalanced interface), 120Ω (balanced interface) optional
    Frame structure: Conforming to G.704, G.706
    Compression law: Conforming to G.711
    Level:±2.37V ±10%

* ETH interface (10/100M UTP)
    Speed: 10/100Mbps, half/full duplex auto-negotiation
    Standard: Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

* Dimension and weight
    Dimensions: 224mm(w)×148.2mm(h)×43.4mm(d)
    Net weight: 0.6Kg

* Power Supply
    Input voltage: Standard value DC-48V or AC220V
    Voltage range: DC-36V to DC-72V, AC176V ~ AC264V
    Power consumption: <5W

* Operation Environment
    Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
    Working Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)



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