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About us

PHOTEL is a professional manufacturer of communication access equipment and network solutions. PHOTEL is dedicated  to the development of core communication technologies, perfect network equipment and solutions.

PHOTEL equipment covers SDH, PDH optical terminal, PBX/IPPBX, PCM multiplexers and other communication equipment, they have been widely used in different public network and special network, their high quality and reliability creates big value for the customers.

PHOTEL has set up its own research and development institute and producing factory in Nanjing, China. The company has built a complete human resources management system for recruitment, training, appointment and employee motivation.

PHOTEL has achieved great market share at home, and gained domestic customers'trust and support. Nowadays PHOTEL focuses on international market, with its independent and creative R&D capability and customer-oriented and market-driven strategy, PHOTEL wins more and more international customers' trust and praise, now PHOTEL growth is also coming from the international market.


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